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 Energy Scan IR - Home Energy Audit

Why Have an Energy Scan? 

Are your energy bills high? 

Are you aware that your heating and cooling costs can be up to 50% of your total energy bill?  

Learn how a
 KeyStone Infrared Solutions Survey can help you, as a homeowner, save energy by identifying where your wasted energy dollars are going. 





A KeyStone Infrared thermographer can help you reduce your energy consumption, which will lead to savings on energy costs, with an evaluation of your home from top to bottom. You will then be provided with a graphic detailed report identifying the locations of heat and/or cooling losses.


Only *$299 (basic survey for a home up to 2,500 sf)

KeyStone Infrared can also provide you with a more detailed analysis of your home energy losses?  Our Enhanced Survey uses a Blower Door Test to find air leakage in your home.  A blower door is used in conjunction with an infrared camera to help further identify your leaky areas and help you not only to see your insulation deficiencies but to see the smallest of air leaks. 


The blower door measures air changes per hour.  The fan pulls air out of the house, which lowers the air pressure inside.  The higher outside air pressure then flows in through all unsealed cracks and openings so we can locate the leakage areas.


During the audit procedure, a KeyStone Infrared thermographer will complete an on-site visual evaluation of the home’s energy features in accordance with the RESNET standards of practice.  The energy audit will identify ways to reduce your energy loss. 


Once the audit has been completed, you will be provided with a detailed report of the results, highlighting any problems and include the auditor’s recommendations on actions that need to be taken to improve energy efficiency.

Please be aware:  The inspection report you will receive reflects the conditions of the property at the time of the survey only.  For example:  weather conditions, inaccessible areas, furniture or appliances that cover a given area could affect the results.

Proper insulation alone does not stop air infiltration in your home.  Air sealing alone can not replace the need for proper insulation (which is needed to reduce heat flow) throughout your home. 


According to the US Department of Energy, you can reduce your heating and/or cooling costs by 10% by simply reducing the air leaks in your home. 

Enhanced Survey only $399

    Most Hi-tech   equipment!     

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