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 Equine IR


Horse tendon injury!

Dog - left leg injury!


Animal Diagnostics

It is often difficult to make the proper diagnosis in veterinary medicine because of factors such as changing symptoms or the lack of diagnostically recognizable symptoms. The search for answers in such situations, coupled with the patient’s inability to communicate, is often frustrating to the veterinarian and costly to the client. The result is that such elusive problems frequently go undiagnosed for long periods of time.

Using infrared thermography during the diagnosis of such a problem, your veterinarian will have a different perspective on the entire situation. After using an infrared thermal imaging camera to take an infrared scan of the patient, your vet will now have reliable information on the potential location of the problem, and can then focus the majority of their diagnostic effort on that particular suspicious area of interest. The client benefits because progress is being made with manageable costs; the veterinarian benefits by being able to plan the correct diagnostics and subsequent treatment while maintaining professional credibility. All parties have benefited from the introduction of thermography by using an infrared thermal imaging camera into the process-and most of all, of course, is the benefit to the animal patient.

Once treatment has begun, the infrared thermal imaging camera can monitor the treatment process, and if necessary, the veterinarian can make any changes necessary at the appropriate time, and therefore, the patient will receive the most effective and humane treatment and will recover in the shortest possible time.

Animal Infestation

Have you ever heard noises behind the wall that resemble an animal of some kind?  If so, you may need to get an infrared scan of your home for defective insulation. Insulation is usually nice and warm in winter, and little animals in your wall are going to reside right in amongst it for their own survival… and eat away at it while they’re there!

  Mice Tunneling through insulation!

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